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Former Zanzibar president, Dr. Amani sends message to Kenyan politicians

Former president of Zanzibar, Dr. Amani Karume, is currently in Kenya en-route to Uganda as he continues with his Peace Initiative project. Speaking to a KTN news reporter on Wednesday, Dr. Amani revealed that since yesterday while in the country has discussed many issues that are helpful in peace building process in the region..

"Yesterday morning and afternoon we had couples of meeting with our partners because i am representing Global Peace Foundation. 

We discussed many issues about peace in the region. We also discussed about the UN involvement in support in this cross border initiative and other issues that are helpful in peace building process," he said. 

According to Dr. Amani their mission is to promote peace every where and convince people on the importance of peace.

"Actually, what we do is we promote peace almost  everywhere where there is no peace. Our job is just to go convince people that it is good to talk is good to talk peace. when you talk peace you have to walk peace as well because without peace their is no development and no growth be it economic or political," he said.

Dr. Amani as well encouraged on the importance of peace and running the country's politics in a friendly manner that can bring unity in the country and region as well.

"The most important thing is that people have to have unity. Look at how developed countries run their elections of course in the old days they had problems may be worse than what we are experiencing here in our region. 

But now they have a lot of experience and power changes hands easily and with handshake congratulations, ok this time you won but we will meet again after 5 years that's how politics should be run in our region," he concluded.


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