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Dar  Es Salaam,
Sunday 12 March, 2017
Staff Writer, Tanzania Information services- MAELEZO
Germany has requested Tanzania to support its candidacy for the United Nations’ Security Council seat at the elections scheduled for June 2018.
Addressing the media at his office today, Tanzania’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Corporation, Ambassador Dr. Augustine Mahiga said Councellor Angel Markel of Germany has sent a special message to the President of the United of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Magufuli seeking Tanzania’s support of her country’s candidacy for the UN Securty Council seat.
Minister Mahiga told members of the press that he today received, on behalf of the President Magufuli, Councellor Markel’s message from her special envoy Ambassador Harro Adt whom they later held talks.
“Chancellor Angel Merkel has sent special envoy who  has brought the request to President Magufuli for Tanzania’s support to her country’s candidacy for the UN Security Council seat during the elections to be held in 2018”. Said the minister and mentioned other countries vying for the seat are Israel and Belgium.

He further explained that the thrust of Germany’s candidature was to help push reforms within the Security Council including facilitation of the process of ratification of the process of allocating African continent two permanent seat to the council.
The minister also informed the press that Germany has expressed its willingness to further contibute to the maintanance of regional and international peace and security, support promotion of human rights at global level and continue strengthening coorporation with other countries.
He added that the country has also promised to support new reforms taking place in Africa which aims at further accelerating development process in the continent.
During the talks, Ambassador Mahiga said, he requested Germany’s assistance in rebuilding of African court in Arusha and improving judiciary system as well as helping the continent in dealing with effects of climate change.
For his part, the German Councellor’s special envoy Ambassador Harro Adt said that he was pleased with the warm reception accorded to him since his arrival in the country and expressed his country’s optimism that Tanzania would support its candidature.
“We are optimistic that your country will support us in this noble endeavor. Our friendship and our relations are historical” remarked Ambassador Harro Adt.
He stressed that his country would offer all necessary support to ensure African continent receives two permanent seats in the Security Council of the world body.

Relations between Tanzania and Germany date back to the colonial times and the two countries have been enjoying excellent relations since independence.
Due to such relationship, Germany has been supporting Tanzania in various development sectors including infrastructure, education and wildlife.

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