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Best of Zanzibar is celebrating another year of its progressive ‘Pair for Every Child’ campaign (PEC also known as Valisha Mtoto Viatu) in Kijini and Mbuyu Tende schools. The campaign has managed to raise funds for more than 700 children in Kijini and Mbuyu Tende schools in 2018. In just a few months of 2019, Best of Zanzibar has managed to raise additional funds for more school shoes which will be given to the nursery and standard (one) 1 students.

Through the PEC campaign, Best of Zanzibar has successful reduced the number of children walking barefoot from the two villages. Children as young as the age of 4 years were subject to long treks of more than 5 kilometres to and from school daily, on hot, rough and rocky roads making the walk to school difficult and unbearable.
At the second handover ceremony of the PEC Campaign which was held at Kijini School in Matemwe -Unjuga North A district where Best of Zanzibar presented 400 pairs of school shoes to Kijini and Mbuyu Tende schools.

The PEC campaign owes its success to the individual donors from within Zanzibar and other parts of the world who have contributed generously towards bringing change to the young ones in Kijini and Mbuyu Tende villages.

“Our aim is to see these children go to school with proper shoes for their safety and improve their performance (attendance) at school. The most affected are the younger children who are in nursery and in first year of primary school, for this reason in 2019, we have focused more on children ranging from 4 years to 8 years old.” Said the Best of Zanzibar program manager Aminata Keita. “we are very grateful to all our partners and well wishers from Zanzibar, South Africa and as far as the middle East who have made it possible for these children to own a pair of school shoes. There is still a great need not only in Kijini and Mbuyu Tende but in many rural schools on the island, I urge other NGO’s and other organizations to come forward and join us in making it possible for other children in Zanzibar.” Continued Aminata Keita.

The handover ceremony was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Education Hon. Simai Said and other delegates from the Government of Zanzibar. In addition to giving school shoes, Best of Zanzibar awarded 50 best performing students from both schools who are in their After-Hours Tutoring Program. The awards were for the students that did exceptionally well in the English and Mathematics subjects.

“Best of Zanzibar started the After-Hours Tutoring Program for Math and English Subjects almost two years ago and we are proud to see significant changes in the student’s performance from the National Exam 2018, Today we recognise 50 students did very well in theses 2 subjects by awarding them with school bags and various school supplies. This year, the After-Hours Tutoring Program has added 6 Science subject teachers who will be working closely with the Head teachers to improve the students’ performance in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We encourage all students to work hard so they can pursue their dreams and bring changes to their own community in future through education and hope that in the coming years Kijini school will be recognised as one of the best performing schools in the country” said the Best of Zanzibar Education & Empowerment Coordinator Ally Suleiman.

 “Our Director Mr. Brian Thomson has promised to sponsor qualified students for an Engineering scholarship; however, it is a challenge to find students for the scholarship because of their educational back ground and performance in Science subjects, this is another reason we added the Science teachers.” Stated Ally Suleiman

“Today we experience great joy as our students receive awards as well as shoes from the Best of Zanzibar’s Pair for Every Child Campaign. These shoes have greatly assisted the children in their journey to school and also improve their desire for learning. The consideration to award those student who didn’t perform well academically but they have best attendance and well-disciplined will also alleviate the performance and the students will look forward to coming to school now!  The parents and teachers of Kijini are very happy that their children have new shoes and school resources to more than 600 students who benefit from the program which will help the teachers to provide the quality education. The pupils look smart and their feet are protected and excited to celebrate another year of the fruitful Campaign” said Head teacher Mwalimu Ulimwengu.

The handing over ceremony was commemorated by the Deputy Minister of Education Hon. Simai Said, the Regional Commissioner of North A, Mr Vuai Mwinyi Mohamed, the Director of Pre-Primary and Primary Education Mrs. Safia Rijal, who urged more parties to join in the campaign not only for the children of Kijini and Mbuyu Tende but other rural schools in Zanzibar.

"We commend Best of Zanzibar for their continuous great work and all their initiatives to improve education in Kijini and Mbuyu Tende. They have set a good example for other organizations to follow. Investing in education is very important for the development of our nation. I also urge the young men and women to work hard and attend their classes in order to succeed, Best of Zanzibar and the teachers have done their part and the students should also do their part to make the programs effective" mentioned Mr. Simai Said.

Best of Zanzibar is encouraging well-wishers to join the campaign and support us as we put shoes on the feet of these well deserving children. Allow us to empower these students to put their best foot forward!

For more details on how you can be part of the campaign and make a positive impact, please follow us on social media or on our website or contact aminata@best-of-zanzibar.com

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