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PNECET Partners With African Adventures To Offer Volunteering Opportunities In Zanzibar

 Preston North End Community and Education Trust [PNECET] has partnered with volunteer travel company African Adventures to offer unique volunteering opportunities in teaching, coaching and building and renovation as part of a ten-night stay in Zanzibar next year.

African Adventures is a unique volunteer travel company, dedicated to improving the lives of those both in the UK and Africa through volunteering, which works with three schools in Stone Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the main city of Zanzibar – to improve the lives of thousands of pupils.

PNECET is coordinating a ten-night stay in Stone Town from 2nd April 2023, for which Preston residents are invited to sign-up to play their part in making a vital difference to the lives of those in Stone Town.

Stone Town has a population of 16,000, but a large percentage of those living in the city are surviving off less than 75p a day. PNECET and African Adventures are working with schools in Stone Town to improve their facilities and provide additional teaching resources, which is where volunteers play a vital role.

Two volunteering roles are available, with those interested in the trip able to take up the position of teaching assistant, with a focus on sports coaching and delivering PE lessons, or building and renovation assistant.

With classrooms in the partner schools in Zanzibar often lacking resources and being overcrowded, teaching assistants will deliver lessons, work with teachers to set and mark homework, and support students with their work.

The educational work of PNECET will see volunteers focusing on sports delivery, with coaching and teaching both in and outside of PE lessons.

Meanwhile, to improve and expand the facilities available to partner schools, volunteers in building and renovation will renovate and construct both new and existing classrooms and school facilities.

The trip will be coordinated by PNECET staff members Alistair White and Hannah White, both of whom have previously volunteered in Africa to support the lives of children living in poverty.

Hannah White said: “We’re delighted to be offering this unique volunteering opportunity to make a vital difference to the lives of people in Zanzibar through PNECET.

“As the official charity of Preston North End, we are proud to engage with thousands of individuals in and around Preston every year – with over 16,000 in 2021 – and extending our reach to over 10,000km away we hope will be a fantastic way to continue to inspire and bring people together through the unique power and appeal of Preston North End.”

Away from volunteering, volunteers can experience an Ocean Safari in Zanzibar, known locally as the ‘Spice Island’ due to its incredible smells and sounds to enrich the senses.

Those interested in volunteering opportunities in Zanzibar are invited to register for an information event at Deepdale on Wednesday 2nd March at 6pm, by clicking here.

The total cost of the trip is £2,045, with an initial deposit of £195 with the remaining allowance payable over three instalments between June 2022 and February 2023.

A deadline to sign-up has been set for Wednesday 30th March and full details about the trip can be found by visiting https://www.african-adventures.co.uk/pne/.

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