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ZIRPP Monthly Lecture: The Life and Times of Abdulla Kassim Hanga

Chairperson: Muhammad Yussuf
Speaker: Mr. Ahmed Rajab
Subject: "The Life and Times of Abdulla Kassim Hanga";
Date and Time: Saturday 26 November 2016 at 4.00PM
Venue: ZIRPP Conference Room; Third Floor, behind Majestic Cinema, Vuga.
ABSTRACT: Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume, the President of the newly-established People’s Republic of Zanzibar, surprised all the attendees at the first meeting of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council when he brusquely turned down the post of a non-executive Presidency.
“I refuse to accept the straw turban (kilemba cha ukoka),” Karume bellowed.
He had good reason to turn down what was essentially designed to be a ceremonial post in which effective powers were vested in the hands of the Soviet-trained Prime Minister, Abdulla Kassim Hanga, a Marxist. The wily Karume was reluctant to play second fiddle to him.
The older man's emphatic reaction had come as a shock to Hanga. The newly-minted Prime Minister was flummoxed and was left almost speechless. Ever polite to a fault and deferential to the elder ASP leader, Hanga buckled under the strain of Karume’s bellowing.
“No, Mzee, you have all the powers,” said Hanga.
With those words, the fate of Zanzibar was sealed. Had Hanga stood his ground, Zanzibar would have followed a different trajectory. However, his utterances acquiescing to Karume’s grumbling, undid him as they undermined the Revolution.
In this presentation, Ahmed Rajab will try to bring to life this enigmatic but tragic figure and a forgotten hero of the so-called Glorious Zanzibar Revolution.
Tea, Coffee and Snacks will be served freely.
Please forward this message to anybody who may be interested. Those who would like to attend should send their email addresses and telephone numbers to: zirpp@googlegroups.com.
Please confirm your participation. You may bring one or two friends with you.
All are welcome.
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