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Taasisi ya Kanga Maternity Trust yafanya semina kujadili taarifa ya miaka miwili ya ukusanyaji wa takwimu za vifo vya wazazi katika hospitali ya Rufaa Mnazimmoja

 Mwenyekiti wa taasisi ya  Kanga Maternity Trust Dr Mohammed Hafidh Khalfan akitoa hotuba ya ufunguzi wakati akizindua Semina ya kujadili taarifa ya miaka miwili ya ukusanyaji wa takwimu za vifo vya wazazi katika hospitali ya Rufaa Mnazimmoja. Kushoto ni  katibu Mkuu wa KMT, Prof Tarek Maguid na kulia  Dr Matthew Zacharia wa hospitali ya Mnazi Mmoja Hospital 
Dr  Mathew Zacharia akipokea cheti cha heshima kwa kutambua mchango wake mkubwa kwa taasisi ya Kanga Maternity Trust kutoka kwa  Mwenyekiti wa taasisi ya  KMT, Dr Mohammed Hafidh Khalfan 

Washiriki katika Semina ya Kanga Maternity Trust wakisikiliza kwa makini moja ya mada iliyokuwa ikiwasilishwa kwenye Semina hiyo. Semina hii ilifanyika kwa kushirikiana na Daraja Foundation ya Canada
Dr  Mathew Zacharia wa Hospitali ya Mnazimmoja akitoa taarifa ya  ukusanyaji wa takwimu za vifo vya wazazi katika hospitali ya Rufaa Mnazimmoja kwenye semina iliyoandaliwa na Kanga Maternity Trust kwa kushirikiana Daraja Foundation ya Canada. Semina ilfanyika katika Hoteli ya Golden Tulip 

Almost 2 years of Maternal Mortality Data for Mnazi Mmoja Hospital – Making Sense of the Data

Kanga Maternity Trust, in collaboration with Daraja Foundation of Canada, organized a Special Issue KMT Seminar on Maternal Mortality.

Thirty-five health workers from different fields, all working together to save mothers and their children, came together to find solutions to the problem of mothers dying during pregnancy and around childbirth in Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH).

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (DO&G) of MMH had meticulously analised, and continues to do so, all maternal deaths of the last 21 months. The seminar tried to find solutions to the problems unearthed through this analysis.

The seminar went further than the usual academic exercise of looking at the problem from a pure scientific, general angle, in trying to look for locally applicable, immediately implementable solutions for as far as possible.

Maternal deaths are a sign of many problems in any health system and society where they occur and it is not possible to solve this problem comprehensively in or through one single institution.

 It is nonetheless possible to do better wherever one works. To achieve this and at the same time engage with others, at different levels of the health system, was the seminar’s purpose.

The KMT Board of Trustees led by KMT Chair Dr Mohamed Hafidh also had the great pleasure to honour Dr M. Zacharia, the Head of DO&G at MMH, for his extraordinary dedicated service for our mothers and children throughout challenging years of dedicated work.

The KMT Team thank Daraja Foundation and all of you for your support. We sincerely pray for your continued support. 

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