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Airtel Tanzania happy with the progress of Uhuru Chamwino Hospital

Dodoma ...The construction of the Uhuru Hospital in Chamwino District, Dodoma region has been completed by 87 per cent after the government fulfilled its commitment of directing Tzs 2.3 billion towards the construction of the hospital. The has been said the Engineer Girimu Kanansi, during an event where Airtel Tanzania Plc officials visited the site of the hospital construction led by Airtel Tanzania Plc Public Relations Manager over the weekend.
Engineer Kanansi said that the construction of the hospital is being carried by Suma JKT company and not as it used to be earlier that big tenders like that where being carried by foreigners.
 ‘Currently now we are working on floor finishing, electrical system and plastering, I would like to comment the fifth government in collaboration with Airtel Tanzania Plc for supporting the construction of this hospital which upon completion, Chamwino residents will have an access to health services near at their home’ Engineer Kanansi said.
He said the construction of the hospital was set to complete on May this year, but it was impossible due to whether changes and heavy rains which were witnessed this year. However, Engineer Kanansi says that the hospital will be completed October this unless unexpected challenges occurs here in.
Airtel Tanzania Plc Public Relations Manager Jackson Mmbando said that Airtel has been visiting the site of the construction of the hospital from time to time to see the progress of the construction. It has been remembered that Bharti Airtel contributed Tzs 2.3 billion towards Social Corporate Responsibilities, a money which where channelled to construction of Uhuru Chamwino hospital in Dodoma.
He said Airtel Tanzania Plc by recognizing the importance of communication services to the society, they have already opened four Airtel Money branches in Chamwino district including the site where the hospital is being constructed putting into mind that when the construction of the hospital completes and services begin, people attending the hospital for various purposes will need financial services.
Commenting on Airtel Tanzania Plc payment of dividends to government, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economy Planning Dotto James said that the government of Tanzania started investigation on ownership of Airtel Tanzania Plc and later made a communication with Bharti Airtel on 2018 and started negotiation which later agreed the government to own 49 per cent shares.
He said the agreement was a win to win situation, which resulted Bharti Airtel Chairman to contributed Tzs 2.3 billion towards the government.
The Permanent Secretary said that the government saw it was wise for the money to be directed towards the construction of the hospital as Chamwino District had no reliable health and resident relied on Dodoma Hospital for medical services.

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