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German help organization GOZA is celebrating Christmas 6 degrees south in Zanzibar together with the kids of Ujamaa Soccer Club

Since two years now the German help organization GO FOR ZANZIBAR (GOZA) NGO is supporting the Ujamaa Soccer kids academy.

Different charity offers have been done since the cooperation with the Ujamaa Soccer Club startet in 2014. The main offers in the last years were:

-        Sponsoring of sport and football equipment and clothes
-        Charity offers in the field of healthcare (health care kits)

The donation amount in the last two years covers a budget of round 5,000,000 TSH (2.300 Euro).

GOZA NGO and Ujamaa Soccer Club is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the 25th December 2015 to strengthen their joined cooperation.

The MOU coveres also workshops in the field of health care for the 70 students of the soccer kids academy. The first workshop will take place in January 2016 together with an expert and nurse from GOZA NGO, Renate Conrad. She is working at the hospital of the University of Tuebingen as a managing nurse.

A main goal for the German help organization is the knowledge transfer in the field of health and health protection.

Antje Fleischer, Director of GOZA NGO:“Our cooperation with Ujama Soccer Club is very young. We are looking forward to a friutfull join venture to share knowledge and support especially the children of the soccer kids academy who are mostly coming from poor families oft he district Rahaleo. Our mission is not to support the players of the first division. We as a NGO and helporganization are concentrating on the kids they are really in need.“

Mussa Baucha, project manager of GOZA NGO and former national football player of Zanzibar:“As I am a Zanzibari, I am very proud to be able to work for my own people in such a professional way together with my co-workers and board members of our organization GOZA. Sports helped me in my childhood to become cool and stable in school and at home. I am very thankfull for the support I got from the Ujamaa Soccer Club. Now after more than 50 years I am able to give a bit back what I got!
Sports is also a very good tool to come together and keep the children and young people away from the street and drugs. Especially nowadays sports plays hereby a important role.“

Fact sheet:
-          Foundet in May 2010 in Tuebingen/Germany from Antje Fleischer and Mario Mueller
-          GOZA NGO is registered as a charitable association by German law
-          Each donation will be forwarded directly and without full deduction to 100 percent of the projects in Zanzibar
-          Projects and goals:
o   Support for (HIV)-orphans
o   Support for kindergartens and schools
o   Amelioration of living conditions especially for elderly, destitute people
o   Amelioration of medical/health care.

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