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Ethiopian Airways Join ZIFF 2016

to Zanzibar will be even easier this year thanks to 

a sponsorship by Ethiopian Airline that will give discounted 

rates for international travellers wanting to attend the 

Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the sponsorship 

contract Ms Milat Mekonen, General Manager of Ethiopian in 

Dar Es Salaam said thatEthiopian will provide 5 economy 

class tickets to nominated ZIFF guests as part of its 

sponsorship of the festival.

“Ethiopian intends to participate as an affiliate sponsor to the 

festival with a consideration of promoting its products and 

services as well as encouraging the growth of the cinema 

industry in Africa.”

ZIFF is arguably the largest cultural festival in East and 

Central African reaching an estimated 200,000 

participants/visitors during the events, 6000 of them being 

tourists. The festival is a key tourist attraction to Zanzibar 

whose economy is dependent on tourism. Sponsorship of 

ZIFF brings a range of branded marketing, publicity and 

outreach opportunities not only Zanzibar but also to Dar Es 

Salaam and Arusha in Mainland Tanzania. The festival 

affords increased awareness levels of new or existing 

products, brands or services.

Speaking at the ceremony, the ZIFF Festival Director, Prof. 

Martin Mhando said that “this support is important to ZIFF 

because funding for cultural activities has diminished over 

the years, and commercial entities can use profiles of such 

festivals like ZIFF to support the arts. This sort of support is 

commonplace all-over the world and we thank Ethiopian for 

showing the way to others in this part of the world.”

The festival will take place between 9th and 17th July, 2016.

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