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ZIRPP Monthly Lecture: The Life and Times of Al Haj Aboud Jumbe

Dear Members and Friends,
I have the pleasure to kindly inform you that there will be another ZIRPP Monthly Lecture.

Chairperson: Mr. Muhammad Yussuf

Speaker: Mr. Enzi Talib Aboud
Subject: "The Life and Times of Al Haj Aboud Jumbe"
Date & Time: Saturday 27 August 2016; at 4:00 pm.
Venue: ZIRPP Office,Third Floor, behind Majestic Cinema (above ZANLINK)
ABSTRACT: Alhaj Aboud Jumbe was born in Zanzibar on 14 June 1920 and passed away on Sunday 14 August 2016 at his residence in Mji-Mwema, Dar-es salam. A graduate of Makerere College in Kampala, Uganda, Aboud Jumbe was a very intelligent and remarkable gentleman and politician. He held several senior positions in the Afro-Shiraz Party (ASP) including national Chairman after its first Chairman and President of Zanzibar, Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume, was assassinated in 1972. 

Aboud Jumbe took over and held the Zanzibar Presidency for an unprecedented duration of 12 years consecutively. In 1977, Jumbe along with Julius Nyerere, became the founders and champions of the ASP/TANU merger into CCM. As a result of the merger, Nyerere became the new party Chairman and Jumbe its Vice-Chairman; and in the Union Government, Jumbe was appointed its First Vice-President.
As an architect of the Zanzibar Constitution of 1979, Jumbe had contributed significantly in terms of reducing substantially the powers of the Revolutionary Council and of its members. Building on the terms of the 1979 Constitution, the 1984 Zanzibar improved Constitution has considerably streamlined the post-revolutionary harsh dictatorial regime and ushered it into democracy, with focus on the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. 
However, Jumbe's dream of succeeding Nyerere as the President of the United Republic of Tanzania was harshly thwarted after he dared to propose the establishment of the three Government structure for the Union. He was stripped off of all his positions in1984 by the CCM National Executive Committee presided over by Nyerere for contributing to what was referred to as "polluting the political atmosphere in Zanzibar". Jumbe's full account of what had truly transpired in the infamous CCM meeting in Dodoma that toppled his regime in Zanzibar and forced his resignation is eloquently narrated in his book entitled: "The Partner-ship: The Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar - 30 Years of Turbulence"

Tea, Coffee and Snacks will be served freely.
Please forward this message to anybody who may be interested. Those who would like to attend should send their email addresses and telephone numbers to:zirpp@googlegroups.com.
Please confirm your participation. You may bring one or two friends with you.
All are welcome.

Muhammad Yussuf
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