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How 4G Internet Expand In Tanzania.

For years development has brought us better lives through easing the way we live and work. Little over 20 years ago, Tanzanians could not have imagined that travelling from one corner of Tanzania to another could take less than 24 hours, or sending money from one region to another could be a process of one minute, but this all has been made easy with technological inventions that have rapidly shifted our country to where we are today. Such inventions are so useful to a point they seem to be too god to be true, for example the introduction of Internet service.

Internet services have been available since 1995, according to Wikipedia’s internet history there was no international fiber connectivity available until 2009. Before then, connectivity to the rest of the world, including to neighboring countries, was obtained using satellite networks. The SEACOM and the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System submarine fiber cable projects were implemented in July 2009 and July 2010, respectively, bringing higher speed Internet connectivity to Tanzania with lower costs.

In those years many people could not believe that internet of such speed could exist in this side of Africa, until Smile introduced Africa’s first 4G LTE mobile broadband services in Tanzania in May 2013, thereby revolutionizing the way Tanzanians and people in East Africa access the internet. From then Tanzanians experience the country’s fastest internet services with coverage in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma, Mwanza, Moshi, Mbeya and Morogoro.

As now Tanzania aims to migrate to the Second World economy, with the focus of being “an Industrial nation” it is vital that it runs with the rapid changes in today’s technological world, biggest of which being to turn to the best internet.

Many Telecom companies in Tanzania have identified themselves as companies that offer good internet technologies through their services, although most times the questions rise in their advertised speeds and value that brings a customer to the decision of who is the most reliable for users’ internet needs.

In the case of Reliability, companies have worked hard to market their internet services, through billboards, sales activities, media advertisements and in many other areas, but when it comes to speed it is somehow hard for the customer to determine the speed he/she is provided, unless it starts to slow down or stops working, which in most cases users get to be very frustrated.

If one goes through marketing ads and writings, one will notice that only Smile Communications is the company that has openly committed its speed lengths to its customer from the time a customer wants to purchase. This has made it easier for their customers to make the right decisions as to which bundles to purchase, depending on their speed need and usage, something which many customers have come to love and which continues to pull more people to the brand.

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