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UNESCO to conduct Training for Community Radio Practitioners on monitoring and evaluation

UNESCO is planning to carry out a five-day training for 26 practitioners from 24 community radios from both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar to promote self-monitoring and evaluation of activities and establish effectiveness of reporting and programming on issues of local concern as part of its implementation of Swedish International Development Agency/Swiss Development Corporation (SIDA/SDC) funded project. 

The training, which will be attended by participants from community radios, scattered in 21 regions of the United Republic of Tanzania, aims to strengthen capacities of community radio practitioners for effective self-monitoring and evaluation of programmes on issues of local concern, understanding and awareness of SIDA/SDC project results framework and Sustainable Development Goals

Monitoring and Evaluation are key components of the UNESCO’s projects. On an on-going basis, UNESCO closely monitors and evaluates the progress of beneficiaries, which not only allows assessing of the impact of capacity-building exercises but also allows to adapt interventions and support to each station’s particular need. 

Trainees will be empowered with the necessary skills and knowledge on monitoring the quantity and quality of radio programmes on issues of local concern and self-monitoring skills using SIDA/SDC project monitoring tools to enhance their reporting capacity of project results. 

The involvement of beneficiaries in monitoring and evaluation will allow local radio practitioners to use the gained knowledge and skills to improve programming performance especially in ensuring there is an increased number of programmes reflecting local development issues of concern and gender balance in voices interviewed. 

In addition, the training will also enable participants to increase SDG focus reporting and mainstreaming, therefore increase community radios contribution to SDGs, and consequently enhance their skills and knowledge on reporting on those. 

The training, expected to take place in Iringa from 27 November to 01 December 2017, will be hosted by Nuru FM radio station located in Iringa Municipality in the United Republic of Tanzania.  

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