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Grand Hyatt, WEMA empower underprivileged communities through sustainable employment



Grand Hyatt Kuwait and WEMA, a Kuwaiti founded nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting underprivileged communities in Zanzibar, Tanzania, proudly announce their collaborative effort to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those in need. This unique partnership aims to create sustainable change by providing permanent employment opportunities to candidates selected from WEMA’s initiatives.

WEMA has been designing and managing the intervention of long-term projects aimed at improving the lives of individuals belonging to disadvantaged communities. A deep-rooted commitment to encouraging social, professional and welfare growth by means of support through the provision of shelter, education, employment and entrepreneurship. The foundation identifies individuals with potential and equips them with skill sets to uplift themselves and their communities.

WEMA children and Fatima House

Hundreds of children in Zanzibar who lose their fathers are legally registered as orphans. Mothers of orphans are forced to either leave their kids with other families and are not able to send them to school, nor provide basic nutrition and necessities, due to deteriorating economic conditions. The WEMA team was able to raise US$ 250,000 in aid from individual donors across the GCC to purchase land in Zanzibar to cover the construction costs of Fatima House. A safe haven which now provides shelter to orphans and provides access to education, by safeguarding the kids from illiteracy and exposure to child labor. Obtaining education allows the children to pursue careers that will enable them to advance their families and households who will have access to the same. One of the house residents has graduated from high school and is now pursuing her medical degree.

WEMA Scholars

A significant number of high achieving youth in Zanzibar are unable to complete their education after graduation due to not being able to finance their tuition. WEMA connects identified candidates with individuals that funds their tuition and associated costs to attend higher education institutes. Graduates of Fatima House get the choice to be enrolled in either WEMA Academy or WEMA Scholar.

WEMA Academy

Increasing employment opportunities for job seekers in Zanzibar through professional training, certification and on the job training in renowned establishments such as Grand Hyatt Kuwait. Successful candidates will transfer the acquired knowledge to their communities and can potentially become entrepreneurs later with their attained knowledge, skills and experience. Grand Hyatt Kuwait, the city’s icon of luxury and hospitality, recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

Through this collaboration with WEMA, the hotel aims to contribute to the betterment of society by offering a pathway to self-sufficiency for those who have encountered hardship, and to embody its corporate purpose of “caring for people so they can be their best”. “We are thrilled to embark on this meaningful partnership with WEMA,” said Federico Mantoani, General Manager of Grand Hyatt Kuwait. “By providing employment opportunities to candidates selected through WEMA’s initiatives, we are not only offering them a chance at financial independence but also contributing to the overall progress of the community.

We believe that when organizations come together with a shared vision, real transformation is possible.” The collaboration will involve a meticulous screening and selection process, through which eligible candidates from WEMA’s programs are identified. These candidates will then be offered permanent employment within various departments of Grand Hyatt Kuwait, aligning their skills and aspirations with suitable positions within the hotel. “We are excited about this partnership with Grand Hyatt Kuwait,” stated Hind Alhajeri, Founder of WEMA.

“This collaboration exemplifies our core philosophy of contributing to international human development by providing individuals with opportunities that go beyond charity. By focusing on employment, we are empowering individuals to build brighter futures for themselves and their families. As a Kuwaiti, I am proud to be a part of a movement that empowers and nurtures individuals, and for that talent to be invested in my home country.”

This joint endeavor between Grand Hyatt Kuwait and WEMA underscores the potential of the private sector and nonprofit organizations working hand in hand to address pressing social challenges. Through meaningful employment, the collaboration aims to break the cycle of poverty and open doors to a world of possibilities for those who have traditionally been marginalized.

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