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Media stakeholders meet with Members of the Zanzibar Law Reform Commission


Director of the Tanzania Media Association (TAMWA ZNZ), Dr. Mzuri Issa said it is important to adopt friendly media laws in Zanzibar that lead to the existence of freedom of expression and access to information in the society.

She said that in meeting is during a meeting held at Takwimu House hall, Mazizini Zanzibar aimed at proposing amendments to the law of the Broadcasting Act No.7 of 1997 involving members of Zanzibar Media Committee (ZAMECO), loose network entailing media based organizations and diverse media experts.

Dr. Mzuri added that there is a need to amend the law thus provide opportunity for freedom of expression which is the main source of the country's development.

"Freedom of information and the right to access information as well as freedom of expression are fundamental factors in the development of the country and it even brings individual happiness", said Dr. Mzuri Issa, in the meeting which was requested by ZAMECO which is currently reviewed by Zanzibar Law Review Commission.

On her part, the Chairperson of the Zanzibar Law Reform Commission, Ms. Khadija Shamte, said that the time has come to have laws that go with times and the commission is ready to cooperate with stakeholders to that end.

"We need to work together to get friendly media laws that will bring change in the media industry in Zanzibar", said Ms. Khadija Shamte, Chairperson of the Zanzibar Law Review Commission.

Speaking at the stakeholders meeting, Zanzibar stakeholders have urged the commission to incorporate the recommendations in its report and finally get a law that meets the required criteria.

Chairperson of Zanzibar Press Club (ZPC), Mr. Abdullah Mfaume said proposed new broadcasting law will facilitate and smoothen ways to collect, distribute information by journalists through different media channels for the benefit and interest of the society. 

He requested the Zanzibar Law Review Commission and other key actors in the government sphere to leverage the existing of ZAMECO in reviewing laws that deal with media regulations for better insight of the context and issues.

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