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ZSSF Mbweni Estate housing project is now open

The Housing Project at Mbweni by ZSSF (Zanzibar Security Funds) is now up for grabs. Currently the contractor is on site. Expectations are, after 1 year , the first 5 blocks comprising of 70 apartments will be ready.

Prices are:
Two bedroom apartment - USD 84,410
Three bedroom apartment- USD 95,420
Four  bedroom apartment- USD 124,780
For rent to own  for 15 years, customers are expected to pay USD 668 per month,USD 755per month and USD 987 per month to own an apartment.

There will be a down payment of 15% of apartment price. The forms are sold forUSD 25.
The apartments are highly demanded.
The apartments are sold under first come, first served.
For  further assistance, please contact ZACADIA (Toronto, Canada) at 1.647.404.8618 or <info@zacadia.com>

You can also contact ZSSF directly at the contact details given below.

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