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Zantel Staff plants trees at the Masingini Forest Reserve to support environmental protection initiative in Zanzibar

 In a bid to contribute to Zanzibar’s environmental protection efforts, Zantel staffs have planted trees at the Masingini forest reserve located in the Western District of Unguja.

Situated at the highest peak of Zanzibar; about 120 meter above sea level, Masingini Forest Reserve is a catchment forest and one of the major sources of water supply for the people of Zanzibar and the surrounding areas with estimates of about 27,400,000 litres of water pumped daily.

Speaking during the tree-planting initiative, Zantel Chief Executive Officer, Benoit Janin said tree planting would prevent soil erosion, improve the quality of soil, climate regulation as well as protecting water source.

‘Zantel is committed to ensuring sustainability in our business and as a telecommunication company for the people of Zanzibar conservation of the Zanzibari environmental resources is key to the welfare of our community’ said Mr Janin.

The tree planting initiative follows the 4G network launch earlier this week, reaffirming Zantel’s commitment to the people of Zanzibar and to the protection and conservation of the environment and support government’s efforts of ensuring environmental sustainability.

Also speaking after the initiative, Director General of Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority, Mr Sheha Mjaja Juma, commended Zantel for taking part in the tree planting exercise.

‘The primary goal of protecting Masingini Forest Reserve has been preservation of ground water sources, protection of forest, soil erosion at deep gullies and preservation of mosaic nature of flora and fauna species available in that designated area’ said Mr Sheha.

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