Habari za Punde

The Tanzania Global Diaspora meeting has just ended in Coventry -UK.

 The Mayor  of  Coventry with Dr  Othman Maganga,lecturer   Coventry University
 Dr  Alex Paurine-lecturer South Bank University ,London receiving  an award  of  excellence  from The Mayor  Of  Coventry
 Hon Jeremy  Lefroy MP ina  group photo with members of the Diaspora

The aims  of  the  meeting  was to  bring  Tanzanians  together ,network and  foster a  feeling  of  belonging, unite  all  Tanzanians in  the  UK  and  beyond, create an  atmosphere of  inclusiveness and  reconciliation and  togetherness, promote  trade  and  Investment ,promote  entrepreneurship.

The conference also provided a platform to showcase exemplary initiatives in international development and diplomacy by diaspora communities around the world, highlight paths to success for diaspora engagement.

 Furthermore, on the  day   we had  the  Tanzania Global Diaspora achievement   awards -  which recognises those individuals who embody the ‘Servant Leader’ – economic success and professional excellence accompanied by moral leadership and service to society. 

The  meeting  was attended  by  the  Mayor  of  Coventry  city and  Hon  Jeremy  Lefroy  MP, Chairman  of  the  All-party  parliamentary  group on  Africa  and  member  of the International development Committee who said  that  he is impressed by  the  current  government’s stand  on corruption.

Because  Coventry is  one  of  the  UK’s  largest  industrial  and  manufacturing  centres it  makes  sense  for  us   as  the  Diaspora to  have  a  significant  presence  here. 

With  the  Support  of  The Tanzania  Mission  and  Tanzania  Trade  centre  in London, we  want  to  promote Tanzania’s          image and goods  extensively  in the  UK ,through our  excellent  networks,  the  good  work  being  done   at  home  to  promote  Tanzania   abroad and  this  is  through a  series  of  tailored  activities, briefings   and   events  like  this  one .By  adopting  this  communications  route  we  will be  able  to  work  with  brands  already based  in  Tanzania  and  use  them to help us  make   the  case   more  widely  in  the  UK

Newdeal  Africa is  a social enterprise   platform based  in the  UK where  Tanzanians  local and  beyond can  showcase social, cultural  ,economic  and  political achievements. Its  also a  venue for corporate  organisations to expand their  market  base  by  collaborating with  foreign investors.

Newdeal Africa is made  up of  three divisions which  are: Ethnics  marketing ,Publishing and  media, Public  relations and  Advertising. It  has  branches  in Europe, The  Americas, Scandanavia and Tanzania

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