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Nurse plans trip to help needy in Zanzibar

Davon Adams
Owain Johnston-Barnes
Davon Adams’s interest in medicine led him to a career in nursing, and now that interest is taking him to Zanzibar.
While Mr Adams has never been to Africa, he said he is eager to make a difference and experience African culture first hand.
“This will be my first mission trip,” he said. “I am excited about the impact I can make, yet a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. I am up for a challenge though.”
Mr Adams said he was always interested in medicine, noting that his mother was also a registered nurse.
“I remember when I was younger anxiously awaiting to hear what stories my mom had about her day at work,” he said. “One day I told her I was considering going to nursing school and she supported my decision 100 per cent. The rest is history.
“When I decided to become a nurse, I had an outpouring of support. Men in nursing are the minority. A Bermudian male nurse is even more rare. There are a few Bermudian male nurses practising but we need a lot more.”
After graduating from nursing school in the United States, Mr Adams returned to the island in 2014, specialising in medical/surgical nursing.
He subsequently went back to the US to further his education and gain more experience, and while there he found himself in conversations with several co-workers about the various medical trips they had been on.
“One thing I found in common between everyone I had talked to is how rewarding of an experience they say it was,” he said. “One person told me it was the most humbling experience of her life. Her conviction and authenticity made me decide I wanted to experience a mission trip also.”
Right now, Mr Adams is attempting to raise the funds necessary to tackle his first mission trip through Volunteering Solutions — a journey to Zanzibar, Tanzania, where he would provide medical care and education to the residents in the surrounding areas, in addition to assisting medical staff in a nearby clinic.
“Some of my basic duties while in Zanzibar would include the initial assessment of patients, wound care and dressings, administration of vaccinations, and assisting during minor surgeries,” he said. “I would also provide education to patients on issues such as HIV/Aids and basic healthcare.
“I am expected to begin my journey to Zanzibar at the beginning of July. I have never travelled to Africa, but I am excited to be able to experience the culture there. In the western world I feel we get a biased view on Africa as a whole. Going to Africa would allow me to get a first-hand experience.”
He said that he received mixed reactions to his decision to take a mission trip to Zanzibar, saying that some of his friends and family were concerned about his safety and the distance.
“While these are valid concerns I am confident that I will have a safe, successful and rewarding trip,” he said.
• Mr Adams has launched a GoFundMe page in advance of his trip, and is inviting anyone interested in helping to support his effort to contact him at davon.adams@gmail.com

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