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                                            Director General ARIPO. Mr. Fernando Dos Santos.                                   

The Guest of Honour, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Marketing,Honourable Balozi Amina Salim Ali
The Representative of the Director General of the World Intellectual property Organization (WIPO), Senior Counsellor at the Africa Bureau, Mrs Joyce Banya
The First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Tanzania, Mr. Yuji Nakayama,
The Executive Director of the Zanzibar Business & Property Registration Agency, Mr Abulla Waziri Government Officials
The Former CEO of BRELA and also former Chairman of the ARIPO Administrative Council, Mr. Esteriano Mahingila
Representatives of the Private Sector
Staff of the Registrar’ General Office
Colleagues from the ARIPO Secretariat;
Distinguished Participants;
Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is a great honor for me to make a few remarks on behalf of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) during this official opening ceremony of ARIPO, JPO and WIPO National Roving Seminar on Intellectual Property that is taking place here in Zanzibar today and tomorrow.
The ARIPO Roving Seminars were devised with the aim to promote the use of IP in the ARIPO Member States. In the last three years, this initiative covered fifteen countries and benefitted directly more than two thousand and five hundred participants.
However, it’s  worth highlighting that the seminar taking place in Zanzibar involves our strategic partners in IP capacity building in Africa, namely the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Japan Patent Office who were kind enough to fund this event and participate in its proceedings.
Before I elaborate further, allow me firstly, to acknowledge with great appreciation, the presence of the Guest of Honour, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Marketing of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, Honourable Balozi Amina Salim Alifor taking time off her busy schedule to grace this occasion in person. Honourable Salim Ali is a great friend of ARIPO and we were honoured to host her at ARIPO during the celebration of the 40 years of the organization that took place in Harare in December, 2016.
I would also like to express, Honourable Minister,ARIPO‘s gratitude to you and the Government of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar for accepting to host this event and for the continued support that we receive from your Government.
Allow me also at this juncture to express my deepest appreciation to the Executive Director of the Zanzibar Business & Property Registration Agency, who is also a very active and long serving Member of the Administrative Council of ARIPO, Mr Abulla Wazirifor accepting to partner with us in the organization of this important event. I would also like to thank himand hisable Staff for the excellent preparations that have been made for the seminars and the hospitality accorded to me, my colleagues from the ARIPO Secretariatand the representatives of strategic partners since our arrival in Zanzibar.
Honourable Minister,
As I emphasized previously, this event was made possible due to the very fruitful partnership that we’ve developed with WIPO and JPO.
Allow me before I elaborate further to specifically thank the Director General of WIPO, Dr. Francis Gurry, through his representative, Mrs Joyce Banya for honouring his pledge to continuously support ARIPO and its Member States in their quest to develop the IP system in their respective territories. This is indeed the second time, this year that we are organizing together a seminar on IP for the benefit of our Member States.
We are also grateful that WIPO has mobilized resources by engaging the Government of Japan who generously channeled them through the Funds-in-Trust mechanism that was established at WIPO. We thank the Government of Japan, through you Mr Yuji Nakayama, for its continued support to Africa.
Honourable Minister,
We are very much aware of the focus of the Government in boostingthe administration of intellectual property rights by providing the necessary resources to operationalise the system in Zanzibar and we salute the professional manner the administration of intellectual property rights is being handledin Zanzibar.
ARIPO would be happy to see more and more engagement of Zanzibar in the activities and initiatives undertaken by ARIPO for the benefit of its Member States especially in awareness raising, capacity building, collective management of copyrights and innovation.
There is no doubt that Zanzibar has a lot of potential in tourism, culture and agriculture that can be further boosted by an adequate use of the intellectual property system. Therefore, ARIPO remains available to provide any support that is possible for the development of the IP system in Zanzibar and for it to benefit its people.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We at the ARIPO Secretariat are striving to improve and provide better services to our users. ARIPO became one of the few offices in Africa that provides e-filling system. The new state-of-the-art system for filling applications and searching of technological informationon-line, became operational last year. Today, 95% of payments of ARIPO applications is done online; in general the uptake of the system by the users is now at 53%for trademark applications and 67% for patents, utility models and industrial design showing the tremendous success of the system among the users. We hope that soon, all users will embrace the system.
The efforts in capacity building are also bearing fruits: The Masters in Intellectual Property that ARIPO in collaboration with WIPO and the Africa University, based in Mutare, Zimbabwe is organizing since 2008 has graduated 247 students from 25 countries across Africa, and __ of them are from Zanzibar. These IP experts are giving a tremendous contribution to the development of the IP system in Africa by serving as high level officials in the IP Offices, teaching in institutions of Higher Learning and acting as patent agents and trademark attorneys.
The ARIPO Secretariat is also committed to improve its operations and gain more visibility. To that aim we’ve unveiled the new logo which is protected under the WIPO administered article 6-ter of the Paris Convention and we are in our second year of implementation of the five year “value and growth transformation” strategy which will guide our activities in the period 2016-2020. We also undertook a series of internal reforms with the adoption of a new organizational structureand placement of staff in the same and realignment of our operations. ARIPO also celebrated on December 9, 2016its 40thanniversary, which was an occasion to showcase our successes and pledge for more to come in the future. The occasion was also an opportunity to unveil our state-of-the-art building that hosts our offices. Once again we thank the Honourable Minister for attending that event.
Honourable Guest of Honour,
Allow me before I conclude,to underline the importance of this seminar and to urge all participants to contribute actively in the discussions that will take place during this seminar, to make it a successful and productive event.
I wish you fruitful deliberations and successful outcome.

I thank you for your kind attention!

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