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ZIRPP Monthly Lecture: Local Tourism Awareness in Zanzibar

​Mr. ​
Ali Suleiman Amour​
Presenter: Ms. 
Farida Nassor Mohamed​
Title of presentation: "
Local Tourism Awareness in Zanzibar"
Date and Time:
Sunday ​
​7 August​
2017; 4.00PM
Venue: ZIRPP Conference Room, Tiger House, behind Majestic 

The local tourism awareness aims at increasing the level of awareness and participation of local communities in a process of developing sustainable tourism in Zanzibar. It is believed that if the local communities have little knowledge of tourism system and do not understand the importance of sustainable tourism, this can be a barrier to community participation in the development of tourism.

As Connell (1997) says,
participation is not only about equitable distribution of material benefits but also about sharing knowledge and learning. A lack of education and training, for example, may make it difficult for local people to participate and thus limit their benefits from tourism
. Similarly. Reid (2003) strongly emphasizes the need to raise community awareness in collaborative tourism development.
This comes as no surprise as the issue of the little knowledge amongst residents has long been considered by scholars to be one of the major challenges for effective community 

Sustainability of tourism industry is strongly relying on the local communities’ awareness as tourism takes place inside communities. A community is always a cent
of change
the involvement of local community in tourism planning and taking control over tourism activities by being actively participative may lead to a sustainable tourism development. By making local communities aware, they will not only accept tourism in their areas but could help these communities to become essential agent in tourism development.

More importantly, the knowledge on the significant of tourism can also help 
avoiding any potential conflicts that may arise from interaction between tourism activities and local cultures.
​ ​
Through persistent training and empowerment, local communities can develop and manage tourism effectively in their areas based on their resources. This will help 
​substantially reduce​
poverty in those communities,
​as well as ​
respecting their socio-cultural authenticity, conserving their cultural, natural and historical heritage, traditional values and ensuring viable, long-term economic progress.  

It is worth noting that the rapid development of tourism always come with impacts, and these impacts can be both positive and negative for destination areas and local communities. The impacts are generally categorized as environmental, economic and socio-cultural
​. ​Indeed
​, ​
persistent training and empowerment to local communities
​ ​
can radically reduce the negative impacts. If the local communities actively play their role by being participative in tourism industry, this may trigger the perceived importance of sustainable tourism, and it can ensure long–term tourism sustainability in Zanzibar.

Tea, Coffee and Snacks will be served freely.
Please forward this message to anybody who may be interested. Those who would like to attend should send their email addresses and telephone numbers to: zirpp@googlegroups.com.
Please confirm your participation. You may bring one or two friends with you.
All are welcome.
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