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'Union Government Silent On Zanzibar's Projects'

ZANZIBAR'S big three projects have delayed to start or are slowly picking up, because the Union Government has not guaranteed them loans for fund, Members of the House were informed yesterday.

Terminal III at the Zanzibar Airport and construction of new Port at Mpigaduri/Maruhubi, as well as the construction of Mkoani-Chakechake Road have been delayed for quite too long, because authorities in the Union have not signed guarantee document as funds from China government.

"According to our Union constitution, foreign loans and trade must be guaranteed by the Union Government. It is unfortunate that has not been done despite approval by the funders," said the Minister for Finance and Planning, Mr Ambassador Mohamed Ramia Abdiwawa.

The minister also said that the implementation of the Joint Financial Commission (JFC), formed in 1996 has delayed to be effective, because the Union Government have remained silent, and probably still working on their recommendations.

In trying to get work done or the big projects to move on, the minister said that the government will use its own revenue collected internally as funds to finance at least the airport construction, and as well look for loans from banks.

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