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Zanzibar seaport at risk of losing cargo ships

By Issa Yussuf

MEMBERS of the House of Representatives have asked the government to take appropriate emergency measures to improve efficiency at its main seaport or risk losing cargo ships

Many backbenchers have observed that many international CARGO ships from abroad have cancelled using Zanzibar sea port because of endless poor services. Several of the remaining few companies opt to stop taking the route to the Islands.
Delays in cargo handling mainly due to lack of equipment, lack of space and congestion of containers, are some of the avoidable reasons that have been raised by the legislators.
“As we talk today (Saturday), there are six container ships off the port waiting to be allowed to dock.
It is frustrating to importers, time consuming and costly because of the charges,” Members of the House said. Mr Abdalla Maulid Diwani (Jangombe), Mr JakuHashim Ayoub (Paje), Simai Mohamed Said and Mr Omar Seif Abeid (Konde) led others in pressing the government to urgently improve services at the seaport.

They blamed executives in the government for poor planning, leading to unnecessary congestions and lack of equipment at the ‘Zanzibar seaport’, Malindi in the Stone town, yet the island has been complaining about shortage of funds for its programmes.
“Spare no effort to ensure that cargo handling services at the port improves as soon as possible before all freight companies cancel using Zanzibar seaport,” said Mr Simai as worries grow about residents here not having new clothing for Eid celebration due to the port delays.
Eid al-Fitr, to be observed in three weeks time, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (abstaining from food and drinks during day).

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  1. Watu kazi ulaji tu, sasa ndo bandari inashindwa Kununua makrini ya kileo? Hapo ni mwendo wa kibiashara zaidi kuliko mazoea.Hata kama kuajiri meneja mwendeshaji mwenye upeo zaidi ila hapo serikali inabidi iliache shirika lijiendeshe wenyewe.... serikali smz inakuwa kama pweza anojipalilia makaa, mashirika mengine yajiendeshe serikali iwe msimamizi na mkusanyaji kodi (maoni yangu)


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