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ZIRPP Monthly Lecture: "The Battle Over Rights: The Status of Second and Third Generation Rights in Zanzibar"

I have the pleasure to kindly inform you that there will be another ZIRPP Monthly Lecture.

Chairperson: Mr. Muhammad Yussuf
Speaker: Ms. Salma Maoulidi
Subject: "The Battle Over Rights: The Status of Second and Third Generation Rights in Zanzibar" 
Date & Time: Saturday 30 July 2016; at 4:00 pm.

Venue: ZIRPP Office; Third Floor, behind Majestic Cinema (above ZANLINK

ABSTRACT: In present day Zanzibar, any discussion about rights, be they human rights, basic rights or constitutional rights, elicits much suspicion if not suppression. Yet the imbalance in rights discourses demands strict scrutiny more so considering the political and social contexts pertaining.

In the spectrum of rights, first generation rights that are overwhelmingly political in nature, assume dominance in Zanzibar’s development and rights narratives. For this reason, any discussion on pervasive rights violations attracts suspicion.

However, Zanzibaris experience a myriad of violations related to their social, cultural and developmental rights which violations have been normalised through their rampant disregard or denial. The magnification of 1st generation rights and the damming of second and third generation rights effectively depoliticises popular claims or attempts to assert rights contained in Zanzibar’s constitutional or legal frameworks. What is the implication of such compromise to Zanzibar’s social and moral fabric on the one hand; and local autonomy on the other?

Using local experiences and narratives, Ms. Salma Maoulidi will illustrate how the rights of the local population especially in Zanzibar’s municipality are habitually compromised and make some concrete recommendations in the efforts to alleviate the problem.

Tea, Coffee and Snacks will be served freely.

Please forward this message to anybody who may be interested. Those who would like to attend should send their email addresses and telephone numbers to: zirpp@googlegroups.com.
Please confirm your participation. You may bring one or two friends with you.
All are welcome.

Muhammad Yussuf
Executive Director
Zanzibar Institute for Research and Public Policy
P.O. Box 4523, Zanzibar, Tanzania; 
Tel: +255 242 223-8474;
Fax: +255 242 223-8475; 
Cellular: 0777 707820;
Website: www.zirpp.info

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