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TAMWA Congratulates Women Aspirants

When the Zanzibar presidential pick up and return of the nomination form exercise by the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) concluded yesterday, Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA) Zanzibar congratulates all women who fielded their names to seek their party’s approval to be nominated to bid for Zanzibar presidency.

In the race which started on 15th June, a total of 32 people contested for the post, five of them equal to 15% were women.  

Those women who fielded their names to contest for the leadership post are - MwantumMussa, HassnaAttai, FatmaKombo, Mgeni Hassan and MaudlineCastico.

It should be noted that this is the first time Zanzibar has recorded such a bold move for women to run in the highest position in the country due to the male-dominated system (patriarch) which systematically sidelined women from contesting into the leadership posts alongside their men counterparts.

Up toearly 1940s, girlswere even barred from going to schools which is a key to climbing the social political ladder on the ground that they may lose their women hood.

This attitude created a huge hallmark on the development of women in the country bearing in mind that women comprises over 50% of Zanzibar’s inhabitants, according to 2012 National Census and sensus projections.

Research around the world including Zanzibar shows that women are committed leaders, honest, less corrupt and anduse participatory approach in the decision making process thus speed up country's development plans.

It is only Hon. Amina Salim Ali who had once consentedfor the presidential post through her party CCM in 2000 albeit she was nominated for the post. This therefore denied Zanzibar an opportunity to have a woman candidate in the presidential race as well as President in its entire history.

TAMWA ZNZ would like to congratulate CCM by empowering itswomen members to run for the leadership positions up to that level of presidency. 

We believe that it is a high time for members of the community, including politicians, to take this matter with appropriate seriousness and accord women opportunity to unleash their ability to lead in different levels.  

We also wish CCM will nominate one of the women as its presidential candiate to raise the party’s flag in the 2020 general election.

TAMWA Zanzibar believes that the confidence exhibited by these women will help to sensitize more women to turn up for the leadership posts and build further the confidence of young women to see that they have the equal opportunity to participate at all levels of decision making organs for the betterment of the country.

TAMWA Zanzibar urges women of all other political parties to come forward and vie for elected postsinorder to hasten the women transformation in decision making organs which will also enable them to address social economic issues facing them the most.

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