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TAMWA-ZNZ Supports Establishment of a Stand alone Ministry for Women

Tanzania Media Women’s Association- Zanzibar (TAMWA-ZNZ) is sincerely extending its gratitude to The President of Zanzibar HE. Dr. Hussenin Mwinyi for his new thought of creating a special Ministry which among other things will be dealing with Women affairs outside the then arrangement of attaching it with in The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

This will definitely lead to women related issues receiving outmost attention which it deserves, including allocating appropriate resources and so ensuring planning, implementation and monitoring is done accordingly.

The suggestions to establish a standalone Ministries for women originated from the International women conferences especially in Nairobi, 1985, targeted to address a wide range of injustices perpetuated against women. Thus, Ministries responsible for women affairs were proposed to uplift conditions of women globally and in developing countries such as Zanzibar of which oppressive systems against women and girls were deeply entrenched.

Likewise, TAMWA – ZNZ would like to congratulate Hon. Riziki Pembe for being appointed and sworn in as a Minister for this new Ministry. TAMWA believes that from her experience and capacity, Hon. Pembe will engineer and honor changes and development needed for women to excel.

In this, TAMWA- ZNZ would like to advice Hon. Minister to put in place appropriate strategies including creating data base for recording women development in economic and leadership spheres since they have not been well coordinated in our country.

For instance, currently there are a multiple of efforts all geared towards raising the status of women economically, but there are no monitoring systems to track developments and gaps that can be further intervened accordingly. If this is done, it will be easier to record developments achieved and gaps remaining for further interventions to this important group which makes more than 50% of the Zanzibar population.

On leadership side, it is difficult to get reliable data for women who managed to occupy different leadership positions from national to local level including Directors, Board/Committee compositions and other posts. This remains as a serious challenge despite the fact that the country is committed to implement different protocols targeting to bring gender equality especially in leadership.

African Union (AU) Charter of 2003 and SADC protocol of 2008, both emphasize on the need to reach 50/50 representation in decision making bodies in all spheres. Thus, without solid data accompanied by strategies it will be difficult to assess and measure the status and direction of the country in this area.  

Lastly, we wish every success to our new Minister in her new endeavor and we call up on all stakeholders including women and society in general to accord every support possible for her to optimize the objectives.

Dr. Mzuri Issa,

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