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$340 Million Zanzibar Wind Farm Nears Development


Zanzibar Wind Farm development foresaw a major step ahead in a thrilling development of renewable energy initiative where two companies namely Aseel Oilfield Services Limited and Sany Renewable Energy carried out a visit in search for potential locations that will be used for setting up a major wind farm in Zanzibar.

This visit made by the companies gave a foundation for the development of the Zanzibar Wind Farm, which will kick off once the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Aseel Oilfield Services and the Ministry of Water, Minerals, and Energy of Zanzibar has been reached.

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In addition, the team from the two companies was able to engage in productive discussions with the technical and managerial staff at the Ministry of water, Energy, and Minerals of Zanzibar where they had a chance of making a presentation of the findings they had acquired from the visitations made to the potential sites. The main aim was to be able to identify sites that would be able to possess great and maximum potential of wind power generation in order to guarantee success and efficiency of the wind farm that will be set up in the future.

Zanzibar Wind Farm Capacity, Cost, and Contractors

The setting up of the Zanzibar Wind Farm which will possess a capacity that ranges from 20MW to 200MW, indicates a major step ahead in the aim of diversifying the energy sector in order to achieve a greener future. The project is anticipated to go at a cost of $340 million which is equivalent to Sh800 billion. This partnership between the three entities i.e. Government of Zanzibar, Sany Renewable Energy, and Aseel Oilfield Services Limited has portrayed a huge promise for pioneering and fostering the growth of sustainable energy in the island of Zanzibar.

For a period of more than ten years, Sany Renewable Energy has been on the front line in its commitment to provide support for energy growth and positive transition towards achieving green energy in Tanzania. The collaboration of the wind farm project is brought about as a result of the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the government of Zanzibar and Aseel Oilfield Services.

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