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‘Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful places on the earth’

Zanzibar has immense potential to emerge as favourite Bollywood films shooting destination in the days to come, says Kunal Kapoor, eminent theatre and film personality in India, in an interaction with TravelBiz Monitor.

Q. Share your experience of visiting Zanzibar.
A. Zanzibar is quite wonderful to say the least. The people are amazing, friendly, always smiling. The locations are beautiful and the weather is also superb. Zanzibar is a safe country, and most locals are friendly, honest and helpful. It is a perfect place for relaxing and no doubt one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

Q. According to you, which are the destinations in Zanzibar that Indians should visit?

A. Everything is beautiful here, right from the history of Zanzibar, my interaction with the people and the beach, sea, and countryside. The destination has plethora of attractions like amazing beaches, Stone Town Walking Tour, Prison island, water and adventure sports, Spice village and Jozani Forest Tour etc. According to me, Zanzibar can cater to FIT’s, honeymooners, high-end, Luxury, weddings destinations etc.

Q. Can Zanzibar be promoted for shooting Bollywood films?

A. I strongly believe that Zanzibar has immense potential to become a favourite place for Bollywood films shooting. And to make it happen, there has to be improvement of infrastructure than what it is now. I think in due course of time this issue will be addressed.

Q. What did you like best about Zanzibar? 

A. The hospitality of people is simply superb and I am really impressed. Apart from this, paradisaical shores of Zanzibar are exotic.

Q. Elaborate on experience on accommodation options in Zanzibar.

A. I stayed in two places - one a magnificently restored old “haveli” and the other a new resort on the beach - both were spectacular. I also got to be aware of other accommodations facilities and they all seemed to be superb.



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