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ZIRPP Monthly Lecture: "Zanzibar Membership to FIFA: Dream or Reality?"

Dear Members and Friends,

I have the pleasure to inform you that there will be another ZIRPP lecture this month after a two-month long unintentional break.

Chairperson: Muhammad Yusssuf
Presenter: Ms. Sarah Bolger
Title of presentation: "Zanzibar Membership to FIFA: Dream or Reality?"
Date and Time: Saturday 29 July 2017; 4.00PM
Venue: ZIRPP Conference Room, Tiger House, behind Majestic Cinema.

Abstract: Football is the most popular game in Zanzibar, providing recreational opportunities for young people and bringing the communities together. For several years now, Zanzibar has sought to develop its football capacity and provide more opportunities for Zanzibari youths to excel and improve their talents across the islands. An extension of this is its unsuccessful application to join FIFA, which would allow access to grants and scholarships and increase Zanzibar's international standing.

Consequently, this presentation will examine the prospects for Zanzibar's possible membership to FIFA to date, as well as looking at key criteria for joining the World body and assessing Zanzibar's options and chances of being successful. The presenter will, finally, provide concrete recommendations on the way forward to secure a permanent seat at the most important and prestigious football organization in the World.

Tea, Coffee and Snacks will be served freely.
Please forward this message to anybody who may be interested. Those who would like to attend should send their email addresses and telephone numbers to: zirpp@googlegroups.com.
Please confirm your participation. You may bring one or two friends with you.
All are welcome.
Muhammad Yussuf
Executive Director
Zanzibar Institute for Research and Public Policy
P.O. Box 4523, Zanzibar, Tanzania;
Tel: +255 242 223-8474;
Fax: +255 242 223-8475;
Cellular: 0777 707820;
Website: www.zirpp.info

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  1. Hakika ni ndoto hata CAF tumeadhirishwa kwa kutolewa tukubaliwe FIFA?


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