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Zan Education and Sport initiative making education and basketball more accessible in Zanzibar

 ZANZIBAR (Tanzania) - Zan Education and Sport Initiative (ZESI) is non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2018 with the aim of improving education and sport sectors for children, youth, women, people with disabilities and special needs in Zanzibar.

Since its establishment, ZESI has been very active in supporting Mini Basketball in Zanzibar. They run children’s basketball clinics, seminars for coaches and referees of the game. ZESI also supports school children and schools in urban and rural areas regarding basketball and other sports as well as provision of teaching and learning resources. In doing so, ZESI implements its motto “education and sport for all”.

Thanks to its partnership with Molten and through an introduction from the Danish Basketball Federation, the FIBA Foundation was able to donate basketballs to ZESI to further their reach and increase their activities.

“The Danish Basketball Federation is dedicated to making a difference to those who are less privileged. Our cooperation with ZESI goes back to 2018. Since then, we have held youth camps for over 600 children, and we have held educational seminars for over 300 coaches, referees, and other sports leaders.  We feel that the competent leadership of ZESI helps us succeed in our joint goal of making a difference” Head of Development Thomas Johansen

Following this donation, ZESI organized a small giveaway function to distribute balls to primary schools in need. They also organized a camp in which children from the region participated.

“The teachers were happy to receive the balls, this will motivate their pupils to participate in additional Mini Basketball activities.” said Ameir M. Makame, Executive Director of the ZAN Education and Sport Initiative.

Three primary schools participated in this second phase of the project. Each school brought 10 boys and 10 girls. The three days camp allowed the children to discover basketball and learn enough to take part in this year’s Schools basketball tournament.

ZESI also organized a two-day 3x3 clinic where coaches from all basketball clubs in Zanzibar participated. It was the first 3x3 clinic and aimed to introduce the game in Zanzibar. The clinic involved U20 boys' team and girls' team.

The coaches were glad to receive the basketballs as they often lacked appropriate sized balls for Mini Basketball activities. “Having these balls will make Mini Basketball team practices easier and more enjoyable for the kids”, said Makame.

Executive secretary of the Zanzibar Sports council, Suleiman Kweleza is pushing to introduce 3x3 basketball in Zanzibar, making the sport more accessible to all. Additional camps, clinics and tournaments are planned over the next few months to continue the Basketball For Good legacy on the island.

Source: http://www.fiba.basketball/

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