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Zanzibar allocates Sh800 billion to procuring an alternate power source

Zanzibar and Aseel Oilfield Services signed a $340 million MoU for a 200 MW wind power project. 

The wind farm project aims to address power shortages and combat climate change through renewable energy. 

Cutting-edge tools and technology will be employed to enhance mineral discovery capabilities and boost the Isles' economy.

In order to build a wind power project in the Isles, the government of Zanzibar and Aseel Oilfield Services Limited have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth $340 million (or around Sh800 billion).

The MoU will make it possible for Zanzibar to put in place a power plant that would produce somewhere between 20 and 200 megawatts of electricity. A second MOU calls for upgrading Zanzibar's capability for mineral discovery using cutting-edge tools and methods.

In order to solve the current power shortages and effects of climate change, Zanzibar has committed to transitioning the sector toward renewable energy sources. The power generation will be accomplished by the development of a wind farm project.

The MoUs were signed by Saeed Al Jabry, managing director of Aseel Oilfield Services, and Mr. Joseph Kilangi, principal secretary of Zanzibar's Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals. Senior government officials, and stakeholders, including Zanzibar Water, Energy, and Minerals Minister Hassan Shaibu Kaduara's deputy, Shaaban Ali Othman, were present.

The creation of the wind farm project, according to Mr. Kaduara, would make use of the area's tremendous wind resources, lowering reliance on fossil fuels and promoting greener, more sustainable energy. “President Mwinyi’s visionary approach and efforts to simplify processes have attracted investors in different sectors, therefore stimulating economic growth and development,” Mr. Kaduara, said.

He said that the ministry's attempts to expand the Isles' economy included mining prospecting. “Upon proving the existence of minerals in the Isles, the move will add an important sector to boost the Isles economy,” Mr. Kaduara, added.

Mr. Al Jabry, managing director of Aseel Oilfield Services Limited, stated that the business will employ cutting-edge tools and technology when carrying out the projects.

“These cutting-edge tools will significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of exploration processes, expediting the identification and extraction of valuable minerals, while paving the way for a sustainable energy future,” he said.

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